“ ...whose dizzying acts defy gravity and leave its lucky audiences in awe.” 


The conductor led impressive accounts of three vivid ballet scores that were expertly and inventively choreographed by Gavre.’’  

-BALTIMORE SUN                          

“ A crowd came not knowing what to expect but left    astonished.”

-LA TIMES                                                               

“Gavre’s choreography brings the explosion of acrobatics to a quirky, Fosse- like climax." 

-SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE                     

"Thanks for sharing your expertise, I literally couldn't have done this without you. You're aca-amazing" 


The music and acrobatics could have delighted the crowd separately, but the synchronization proved admirably adept."

-CINCINNATI ENQUIRER                               

“...a never-ending flow of creative expression.”

-LA TIMES         

"Troupe Vertigo's show Tableaux perfectly captures everything a choreographer strives for; taking a familiar medium and making it entirely new. This new work breaks molds, opens minds and leaves you wanting to be the first to see where where it will take you next."  

-Michael Pena , Associate Choreographer 2012 Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremony                                                         

" ... an innovative combination of circus comedy and technique that blends clowning and buffoonery with physical virtuosity."

-BAY AREA LIFESTYLE CHOICES                                             

"The movements were stunning— but placing the performers in an ever so loose storyline brought a relatability to a completely un-relatable maneuver.


"I highly value Aloysia's artistic vision and ability to "read" the creative potential of different artists and encourage them to aim higher and reach their goals.  Her input helped guide me to the creation of " Devil's Dance" a hand balancing act which  won a Bronze Medal at the 2016 "Festival Mondial Du Cirque De Demain" which is equivalent to the Olympics in the Circus." 

-Andrey Moraru, Internationally Acclaimed Circus Artist, Le Reve                                                              

"I was absolutely delighted when the LA Times Magazine asked me to shoot the amazing Troupe Vertigo group for them. I’d been aware of the LA based group and their work for a couple of years but had never had the chance to see them. After spending a day in the studio with them I could easily spend a year photographing them!" 

-Andrew MacPherson Celebrity Photographer                

LA TIMES Article

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